Exit and position statements

Tips for Job Seekers-
Learn how to prepare your exit and position statements


Exit Statement

The purpose of an exit statement is to enable you to tell the world why you are looking for work and your transition.  It is brief, positive and non-defensive.  When applicable, it lets others know that your departure was not entirely due to any fault of yours.

Example for Dairy: “As a result of lower than anticipated milk prices, the owner eliminated my job.  I am now exploring opportunities that will take advantage of my experience as a Herdsperson on organic dairy farms.”

Example for Grain Farm Equipment Operators:  “As a result drought conditions in the Great Plains, the owner eliminated several jobs, including my own.  I am now exploring opportunities that will take advantage of my experiences as a mechanic and as a feedlot operator.”


Position Statement

The purpose of a position statement is to describe yourself as a professional and is often used to answer the question “Tell me about yourself.”  It is used in every day conversation, phone and face-to-face interviews, cover letters, and resumes where it becomes a means to succinctly and positively position yourself in the minds of the listener and reader.

Example for Dairy Herdsman: “I am a Herdsman with extensive experience in all aspects dairy herd health and behavior. I have worked on dairy farms ranging in size from 200 to 2,000 dairy cows. My strengths include herd practices of all kinds, recording keeping using Dairy Comp 305, robotic milking system, and leading and supervising Assistant Herdsman and milkers.  I am known by others as a person who effectively communicates with veterinarians and nutritionists.”

Example for Grain Farm Equipment Operator: “I am a large grain farm equipment operator with extensive experience using GPS and Autosteer.  I have worked on large farms raising corn, soybeans, wheat and milo with equipment used in tilling, planting, cultivating, spraying, harvesting, storage, and transporting. My strengths include the operation and maintenance of all types of equipment.  I also have advanced mechanical, welding and fabrication skills.”


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