Assess your personal characteristics

You possess certain traits and characteristics that makes you unique.  Review the list below and check off those that best describe you. Then select the top six traits that best describe you.  Use the top six traits in your resume as you write about your employment history and during interviews as you talk about yourself with employers.


Accurate Enthusiastic Persuasive
Adventurous Expressive Physically fit
Artistic Good attitude Physically strong
Assertive Hard worker Practical
Challenging High standards Productive
Civic minded Imaginative Rational
Committed Independent Responsible
Communicates well Inquisitive Responsive
Compassionate Intelligent Self-assured
Confident Intuitive Self-controlled
Creative Kind Self-starter
Curious Leader Sense of humor
Dedicated Levelheaded Sensitive
Dependable Loyal Sociable
Efficient Original Stable
Emotional People-oriented Tolerant
Energetic Perfectionist Trustworthy
Entertaining Personable
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